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Development Assessment Panels

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A Development Assessment Panel (DAP) is an independent town planning body that is responsible for determining certain types of development applications, as if they were the local council.
DAP Assessment applies to the following Development Applications:
a) Where estimated development cost is $10 million or more (mandatory); or
b) Where estimated development cost is $2 million and less than $10 million (optional).
For further information on the Development Assessment Panel and process click here

Current Development Assessment Panel Applications


Proposed Motor Vehicle Sales & Repairs & Associated Signage



Notice is hereby given that the local government of the City of Bunbury has received a development application from Hidden Urban Planning, on behalf of the property owner for a proposed Motor Vehicle Sales & Motor Vehicle Repair & Associated Signage.

The application is an Opt-In Joint Development Assessment Panel application and will therefore be determined by the Regional Development Assessment Panel.

Works proposed is for the construction of a motor vehicle dealership and comprises of a new car 2063m2 showroom (for Ford, Hyundai and VW), a 1399m2 service workshop and outdoor vehicle display area.

Details of the proposal are available to the public via the following attachments and hard copies will also be available for viewing at the City of Bunbury offices located at 4 Stephen Street, Bunbury during office hours (8.30am to 5pm weekdays).

For further information, please contact Alice Baldock, Senior Planning Officer on 08 9792 7061.

Agendas and Meeting Notifications

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Determined Development Assessment Panel Applications and Finalised Meeting Minutes

Service Station Lot 33, Lot 34 and Lot 102 (#92) Blair Street

Child Care Premises Lot 10 (#6) Mossop Street and Lot 40 (#83) Mangles Street

Hands Oval Stadium Redevelopment Corner of Spencer and Clarke Streets (Lot 151 Clarke Street)

Service Station Lot 12 (#1) Island Queen Street

Service Station Lot 101 (#8D) Picton Road

Fast Food Outlet Lot 63 (#60) Sandridge Road

Four-Storey Office Development Lot 20 (#22) Stephen Street

Cold Store Lot 5 Rawling Road

Racetrack Redevelopment Lot 4354 Bussell Highway

SWAMS Health Hub Lot 4669 Forrest Avenue

DAP Application Forms and Fee Schedule