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Notice of Planning Proposal – Glen Iris District Structure Plan

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Published 01 August 2022, updated 04 August 2022


The draft GIDSP is made up of a report and maps and is supported by technical documents as listed in Appendix A. The plan focusses on Stage One, which encompasses the existing urban area east of Vittoria Road and the land west of Vittoria Road.

Key aspects include:

  • addressing traffic management by improving existing road connections and accommodating additional entry points
  • providing the framework for creating a network of internal local roads and cycle paths
  • scope to pursue a range of medium residential densities that will provide a mix of housing styes, types and size
  • supporting opportunities for higher residential densities and mixed-use development near to the commercial centre
  • responding to updated flood modelling by setting aside low-lying areas for flood relief
  • identifying areas of open space for use by the public, including space for a neighbourhood park/sports ground
  • identifying a site to accommodate a potential new government primary school.

Supporting Documentation

Submissions on the structure plan are to be made in writing and lodged by mail to 4 Stephen Street, Bunbury, in person or emailed to before close of business on 13 September 2022.

Please note that the structure plan is being advertised to seek public comment on the proposal. The advertising of the structure plan does not indicate any formal support of the proposal by the City of Bunbury or the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Should you wish to discuss any further information, please contact City Planning on 9792 7049 or via 9792 7000.