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Published 24 October 2022, updated 27 October 2022

As per the Memorandum to Chief Executive Officers, from Hon John Carey MLA Minister for Housing; Lands; Homelessness; Local Government, outlining the final package of local governments reforms, the City of Bunbury is required to undertake a review of the number of elected members presently representing the community. The City of Bunbury is conducting a review of Elected Member representation and invites public participation in the review. The community consultation phase of this review is not only to elicit the community’s views in relation to the options, but to also invite alternative proposals for consideration.

A discussion paper has been prepared to facilitate discussion and is available for download below

Members of the community are invited to make a submission about any aspect of Councillor Representation and lodge it to:

Chief Executive Officer City of Bunbury

PO Box 21

Bunbury 6231

Submissions will also be accepted by email:

All submissions must be received by Friday, 2 December 2022.

As well as commenting on any aspects covered within this discussion paper, submitters may suggest any other option they wish the Council to consider in this regard. Council will consider all submissions received within the consultation period prior to making a final decision in relation to this matter.