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Amendments To Local Heritage Survey And Heritage List

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Published 09 September 2022, updated 12 September 2022

The City of Bunbury is seeking feedback from owners and the community to update and amend the Local Heritage Survey and Heritage List.


Heritage is important in understanding the history of the City of Bunbury and the State as a whole. Heritage places can be buildings, structures, gardens, cemeteries, landscapes and archaeological sites. 'Cultural heritage significance' is the aesthetic, historic, scientific or social significance a place has for present and future generations.

The City of Bunbury wants to help protect places of cultural heritage significance for future generations so they too will be able to enjoy a rich and diverse cultural environment and understand what came before them. The Heritage Act 2018 (the Act) requires the preparation and review of a Local Heritage Survey.

In December 2021, the City engaged heritage professionals, Stephen Carrick Architects, to undertake heritage assessments and compile draft place record forms for the central business area. The project team included a heritage architect and historian. Street surveys and desktop research were conducted to inform place datasheets with management categories that informed inclusion on LHS and/or the Heritage List.

Supporting Documentation


Submissions on the amendments are to be made in writing and lodged by mail to 4 Stephen Street, Bunbury, in person or emailed to before close of business on 14 October 2022.

Should you wish to discuss any further information, please contact City Planning on 9792 7000.