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To help encourage more Western Australians to collect and return their beverage containers, Containers for Change will provide a 10-cent refund for each eligible beverage container that is returned.

The scheme aims to:​

  • Increase recovery and recycling
  • Reduce litter and landfill
  • Provide opportunities for social enterprise and benefits for community organisations
  • Create opportunities for employment
  • Complement existing collection and recycling activities for recyclable waste.

Containers for Change also provides an exciting fundraising opportunity for schools, local sports clubs, community groups, charities and worthwhile causes.

How it works

Step 1 - Sign up for your own scheme ID to receive your refund via a direct deposit into your bank account by visiting Containers for Change WA

Step 2 - Start collecting your eligible containers

Step 3 - Drop off your eligible containers to a drop off point

Step 4 - Earn money​

Which containers are eligible?

The scheme targets beverage containers most commonly seen as litter. The types of beverage containers covered in the scheme include plastic and glass bottles, liquid paper-board cartons, and steel and aluminium cans between 150 millilitres and three litres.

Eligible items:

  • Aluminium, steel, plastic (HDPE/PET), glass, liquid, paperboard
  • From 150ml to 3L
  • Purchased in WA

​Ineligible items:

  • Wine bottles
  • Spirits bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Cordials​