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Neighbourhood Noise Complaints

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If you have a complaint about neighbourhood noise you can contact the Environmental Health Officers who are authorised to deal with noise issues under the provisions of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulation 1997. Officers are not on permanent call so if there are problems at night such as noisy parties or people your complaint should be referred to Bunbury Police on 9722 2111.

Please use the below forms to lodge either a neighbourhood noise complaint or general neighbourhood complaint

Black and white shaggy dog lying down on a wooden floor

Barking Dogs

The City recommends neighbours speak directly with dog owners as soon as the dog becomes a nuisance. Quite often owners are unaware because they are not at home while the dog has been barking. The complaint should be corteous, informative and supportive of any suggestions to rectify the problem. However if the dog owner fails to accept there is a problem then a complaint should be lodged with the City.

Following a complaint of nuisance barking the City will send the effected neighbour(s) a copy of the Barking Dog Procedure and a 10-day diary to record the nuisance barking. To better assess a case of nuisance barking the City suggests two or more neighbours take part in the recordings.

For more information please download the brochure below which includes a barking card.