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Bunbury has a dog beach

The City engaged with the community in September 2019 on off-lead dog areas.

During the consultation period, community members were encourage to provide feedback to the City.

This feedback helped guide the City of Bunbury's review of existing parks and open spaces with relation to off-lead dog areas to support the City's social, economic, health and environmental values.

The City recognises that providing sufficient space for our furry friends to exercise and socialise is important to the community.

They provide social and well-being benefits for both dogs and their owners.

The City has a number of approved dog exercise or off-lead areas, where owners and their dogs can stretch their legs, throw a Frisbee and enjoy the sunshine.

There are some areas where dogs are not allowed, in particular the Dolphin Discovery Centre beach (Koombana Bay), Jetty Baths and the Big Swamp.

Click on the image below for a map of dog exercise areas across Bunbury.