Withers Local Area Plan

The City in conjunction with the South West Development Commission have progressed the preparation of a Local Area Plan (LAP) for Withers which is intended to function as a decision making tool that builds upon the completed Withers Urban Renewal Strategy (WURS). While the WURS established the vision and developmental objectives for the neighbourhood, the LAP will guide and manage the planning and redevelopment sites, land use, road and pathway networks and infrastructure services. The final draft of the LAP was completed in December 2015. The LAP will eventually be supplemented by the preparation of several structure plans that will further guide land use and development within specific locations.


LAP Documents:


Planning for the future of Withers                             

The Department of Communities has sought community feedback on a Local Structure Plan for Withers, marking the first steps in revitalising the Bunbury suburb.

The Department held three community engagement sessions which took place over 8 and 9 March for residents and stakeholders in the suburb.

A draft Local Structure Plan was presented, as well as architectural concept images. Please see below for copies of the documentation presented at the community engagement sessions.



Residents are strongly encouraged to provide feedback for consideration ahead of a submission for planning approvals and the preparation of a Local Development Plan.

Please email your feedback to withers.renewal@communities.wa.gov.au by Friday 29 March 2019.

The Withers Renewal Project is led by the Department of Communities in partnership with the City of Bunbury and the South West Development Commission (SWDC). The project is supported by the Bunbury Development Committee.​