Waste and Recycling - 3 Bin Service

The $20 million Better Bins Kerbside Collection Program is a State Government program that provides funding to local governments to implement better practice kerbside collection services to support higher recovery and the achievement of the State Government’s 2020 municipal solid waste targets of 65 per cent diversion from landfill in the Perth metropolitan region and 50 per cent in major regional centres.

In 2013 the City of Bunbury introduced a third bin for organic waste to all residents. The FOGO (Food Organics, Garden Organics) bin is for all food waste (including meat, bones and dairy) and garden vegetation. This way organics are removed from the general waste so it can be converted to compost rather than going to landfill.  Prior to the launch of the organics bin, the amount of residential waste recovered by recycling in the Bunbury-Wellington region was 23%, well below the national average of about 50–60%, and far short of the State Government’s 2020 targets.

Residents play their part in a sustainable future by sorting their waste and recyclables at home. The 3 Bin Service is recognised as best practise by the Waste Authority because the waste is sorted at the point of disposal in the home, providing a cleaner recycling stream.

The 3 Bin Service has had great success, since 2013 Bunbury residents have diverted on average 60% of their waste from landfill by using the lime green FOGO and yellow lid recycling bins. In 2011- 2012 the City of Bunbury sent 13,700 tonnes of waste from rubbish bins to landfill. In 2016-2017 only 5980 tonnes of waste from rubbish bins was sent to landfill.