This material is to enable a community group to use the City of Bunbury’s award-winning U-4-72 Emergency Resilience tools, to conduct readiness workshops and enhance your community’s capacity to survive significant emergencies. 

Assistance is available from the City of Bunbury, to any group wishing to undertake this valuable program by ringing 9792 7111 during business hours. 

Many groups with the City have already used this material to run workshops and improve their resilience to emergency events.

To download the U-4-72 training manual click here

Appendix 1 - U-4-72 Home Emergency Ready Checklist

Appendix 2​ - Emergency Ready Kit Contents

Appendix 3 - Project Management Plan template

Appendix 4 - City of Bunbury Community Profile August 2012

Appendix 5 - U-4-72 Stakeholder Matrix template

Appendix 6 - U-4-72 Stakehold Management Strategy template

Appendix 7 - U-4-72 Communications Matrix template

Appendix 8 - Emergency Ready Guide

Appendix 10 - U-4-72 Par Workshop Session Attendees List

Appendix 11 - Preparedness Questionnaire

Appendix 12 - U-4-72 Business Emergency Ready Checklist

Appendix 14 - Agency & Community Participatory Action Research Follow Up Workshop Survey

Appendix 15 - U-4-72 Project Evaluation Framework

Appendix 16 - U-4-72 Project Community Facilitator Role

Appendix 17 - U-4-72 Community Facilitator Role Description

Appendix 18 - U-4-72 Community Facilitator Training Workshop

Appendix 19 - Kolb’s Learning Style Questionnaire

Appendix 20a - Community Facilitator Training Program Participatory Action Research Workshop

Appendix 21 - Community Facilitator Training Program Session 1

Appendix 22 - Community Facilitator Session 2 Outline