Storm Safety

Every year severe storms and tornadoes wreak havoc and destroy homes and properties throughout the South West.

Prepare your home and stay storm safe:

  • Check and repair your roof and guttering to keep it water proof
  • Clean gutters and downpipes of leaf litter, so that heavy storm water can drain away
  • Trim branches clear of your home and get a professional contractor to clear trees from power lines
  • Clear your yard of loose objects that could cause damage if picked up by high winds
  • Have a torch and radio with spare batteries available in case of power cuts
  • Plastic bags and sheeting are useful to keep possessions dry in case of storm damage to your home or property
  • Keep a card with emergency numbers for SES (132 500), Bureau of Meteorology (1900 155 349), Western Power (13 13 51), insurance company and gas supplier.

Download the storms brochure.