Signage (Development)

Private Land

The City of Bunbury's Town Planning Scheme outlines that all illuminated signs and signs on a heritage listed property require a Development Approval.

Other signage on private properties may be exempt from requiring development approval. To determine whether or not you need development approval click here.

To lodge a development application please click here.

For more information click here to view the Local Planning Policy 3.11 Signage and Advertisements

Public Land

For more on public land, such as road reserves, must be for community purposes or events only and may require a sign licence.

Most types of community purpose and event signs do not require a sign licence, provided that the outlined standards and requirements are adhered to.

For more information click here to view the Local Law Policy Relating to Signage and Advertising Devices on Public Land

If the information you are seeking is not covered here, please call the City of Bunbury on (08) 9792 7000 and ask to speak to a Duty Planner.