School Holidays

​With many closures happening due to the outbreak of COVID-19, here is some information to help you navigate the April school holidays in the City of Bunbury.

We have put together some activities and programs below to help keep the kids entertained.

Creativity & Mindfulness

         ·       Papier Mache Masks: Enjoy the ancient art of Papier Mache and make your own mask these school holidays. Click here for the instructions on the Bunbury Museum website​.​

         ·       Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a great way to deal with stress and anxiety, which is rampant in the world at the moment. It’s all about taking a moment to stop and think about yourself. Simply take a break, listen to your favourite music, and maybe even do some colouring in.

         ·       Painting or drawing: Paint or draw a portrait of yourself or your family, maybe a pet, or something from the garden. Maybe try again to improve your skills, or try a different technique.

         ·       Photography: Research some different photography techniques that you could try. Take a camera and get out in to the yard or around the home to put the skills into practice. Share your photos with your friends and family.

         ·       Make a pet rock: Find a rock in the garden and decorate it. Give it a name and a back story, and share the adventures of your new pet. 

         ·       Make a board game: Make up a board game with the things you have around the house. Then make up the rules and play the game with your family.

         ·       Draw what you see in the clouds: sit outside and look up at the sky. Draw what you see in the clouds.

Online Fun

         ·       Make a TikTok: Document your daily life n TikTok. You can even improve your videographer and editing skills.

         ·       Make a Blog/Vlog: Document your life by creating a Blog or a Vlog.

         ·       Video Call: keep in touch with friends over a video a video call, ask how everyone is going and see what they have been up to.

         ·       Netflix Watch party: Watch your favourite movies and TV Shows with your friends on a Netflix Watch Party.

Science & Technology

         ·       Science experiments: see what Science experiments you can do at home. Things like Bi-carb Volcanoes, and Invisible Ink.

         ·       Stargazing: Take a look at the night sky and see what stars you can find, you might even see a shooting star or Satellite.

         ·       Make a worm farm: find some old plastic containers from around the house, and use some soil from the garden.

         ·       Bugs in the garden: Get out into the garden and see how many bugs and creatures you can find. You could even try to identify them and see what role they play in the lifecycle of your garden.

         ·       Paper Planes: Make some different types of paper planes and see what one can fly the furthest.

         ·       Tower Building: Using different things from around the home, like newspaper and sticky tape, see if you can build a tower and see how tall you can make it.

         ·       Colour cabbage leaves: Put the end a cabbage leaf in a container of water and food colouring and watch as the colour soaks into the leaf.

Family & Friends

         ·       Movie marathon: Get some snacks and take a seat, have a day watching some of you favourite movies.

         ·       Camping trip: On a nice night go on a camping trip in the back yard sleep under the stars, you could even have a go at stargazing.  

         ·       Family history: Ask your family about their history, you could even write letters or emails to other family members to get more information. Once you have some information you could even make a family tree.

         ·       Scavenger hunt around the home: Find a scavenger hunt for around the home and see how much of it you can find in your home.

         ·       Send a letter: Write a letter to someone who might be feeling lonely or isolated at the moment, or someone in your neighbourhood.

         ·       Pen Pals: Write some letters to a friend from school, or make a new friend.

Physical Activity

         ·       Yoga: Find some different yoga poses that you can try and give them a go.

         ·       Aerobics: Stay active while you are at home and burn of some of that extra energy so try out some different aerobics exercises.

Learning & Development

         ·       Take a course: Find an online course that interests you and develop your skills.

        ·       Learn a skill: Pick a skill that you are not that good at and practice, practice, practice. See what you can learn and how good you can get.

         ·       Study: Take this opportunity to catch up on some study.

         ·       Reading a book: Escape the world and find yourself in the world of books.

         ·       Make a time capsule: Find some things to put in a time capsule that will remind you of the things you are doing at the moment. Put them in a container and come back to it in a few years.


         ·       Baking: Make something from scratch like a cake or biscuits. You can even try to decorate them. 

         ·       Cooking: Make home-made pizza, nachos, or even help cook a meal for the family.

         ·       Vegetable Garden: Try and grow some different fruit and veg from the food in your house. Things like tomatoes, potatoes, apples, apples and carrots.


Resources from Bunbury Regional Art Gallery

·       The Art Assignment

·       Art21

·       ABC iView

·       SBS On Demand

·       Art Gallery of South Australia

·       Art on the Move

·       Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

·       Art Gallery of WA

·       Art Gallery of NSW

·       National Gallery of Victoria

·       Museum of Modern Art​ 

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