Roads, paths and verges

The City is responsible for the maintenance of over 330km of roads and implements road safety projects that are funded by both the State and Federal Governments. Road maintenance works primarily include pothole and tree root damage repairs, crack sealing and kerb repairs with major reseal and reconstruction works forming part of the City’s annual infrastructure capital program.

The City also maintains approximately 200km of footpaths and dual use paths. Maintenance works include the repair of damaged sections of the City’s brick paved paths, tree root damage repairs, sweeping and cleaning, weed spraying and repairs to sections of damaged in situ concrete footpaths.

Any damage or faults to the road and footpath network should be reported to the Civil Operations on 9792 7306 or

To view current works in progress click here.

Plans and Studies

Please find below all documents relevant to the planning of the City’s roads, footpaths and verges.

City of Bunbury Bike Plan

City of Bunbury Standard Path Details Plan 1, Plan 2 & Plan 3

Bunbury Integrated Land Use and Transport Vision

Street Name Register and New Street Names within the City of Bunbury

Carey Park Traffic Management Study

To view the City’s maps including Walk-It Bunbury and Bike-It Bunbury, click here.

Permits and Licences

For roads, paths, and verges application and information forms visit the Permits and Licences section of the website.

Street trees

Street trees are a valued public asset and Bunbury is blessed with a significant number of trees on most City streets which provide an environmentally sustainable and aesthetic streetscape bringing many benefits.

The City is aiming to deliver a planned pruning approach which will see trees pruned on a regular rotational basis. The City may carry out pruning to a tree located on Council verge under the following circumstances:

  • To clear Western Power Lines
  • That overhang private property
  • To clear roadways  and footpaths
  • To clear line of sight of roadways and footpaths
  • Verge enhancement

Requests for removal of trees on council verges, reserves or within parks are to be in accordance with Council Policy: Tree Retention and Corporate Guideline Street Tree Management​ and lodged on via Tree Removal Application.  An inspection will then be carried out and you will be advised of the result of the inspection and any proposed works. 

The postal address is as follows:
Open Space Operations, Tree Removal Application
City of Bunbury

PO Box 21

Please contact Open Space Operations on (08) 9792 7301 or email for further information.

Verge maintenance

The City of Bunbury relies on each person maintaining the verge at the front or side of their property. Verge maintenance by Council is limited to pruning of street trees. Any further improvement is by the property owner and adds to the aesthetics of the property. 

It is not possible for Council to control weed growth by mechanical means, so where they become a problem weeds along footpaths and kerbs are sprayed. The chemical used is glyphosate, which is a non – residual that kills the weed by absorption through the leaves and transferring to the root system. The spray retails as either “Zero” or ‘Roundup” in the shops. 

Every endeavour is made not to spray verges that are well maintained, but sometimes this inadvertently happens. If you wish, your verge can be added to a list of properties not to be sprayed.

Any resident who wishes to improve the amenity of the Council verge in front of or beside their property should be in accordance with Corporate Guideline Road Verge Treatment and lodged on via Road Verge Treatment Permit.

The City of Bunbury undertakes tree planting to parks and streets annually. Planting is undertaken during the winter months. Should you like a tree planted out the front of your house please contact the City’s Open Space Operations on 9792 7301 or via email at


The City provides and maintains reticulation systems to many reserves, playgrounds and sportsgrounds throughout the City to provide an improved amenity for residents. Every effort is made to ensure that reticulation systems are set to minimise inconvenience to residents with most operating between the hours of 9pm and 6am. 

Any damage, vandalism or other queries relating to City reticulation systems should be reported to the Open Space department on 9792 7301 or​​