Works in progress

Current City of Bunbury works:

South Western Highway / Halifax Drive - Construction of Slip Lane
The City is currently constructing a slip lane from the South Western Highway on to Halifax Drive (Southern Entrance).
Once completed, the turning lane will ensure smooth traffic flow on the highway and will improve access for trucks and vehicles entering the Halifax Business Park from the South.

Koombana Drive Upgrade Stage 2
The City will be widening Koombana drive to facilitate the construction of a new median and on-road cycle lanes. The works once complete will finalise stage 2 of the works making Koombana Drive an aesthetically pleasing and safe entrance into Bunbury CBD and its attractions. Works have commenced with the removal of street lights completed, to allow for the road widening works to get underway on the Northern carriageway.

Road widenings will be completed on both sides  which will allow traffic to shifted to enable the  centre median and street lights to be installed.

Permanent speed restrictions will be in place during the project until the street lighting is reinstated. Should you have any queries regarding this matter please contact Team Leader, John Pow on 0417953895.


Footpath Expansion Burt Street
Preparations to undertake works to extend a footpath along Burt Street from White Street to Austral Parade are underway. It is expected that these works once complete will provide residents with safe connections to the Austral parade which connects to the path around the Leschenault Inlet.


Estuary Drive Stage 2
The second stage of Estuary Drive will see the reconstruction, realignment and improvement of the road and shared path facilities between St Andrews Drive and the various commercial premises on the route.  The contract has been awarded to Carbone Bros. Construction and works have Started. Traffic is able to access all Estuary Drive businesses at all hours of the day, however, lane closures are in place. Motorists travelling from Old Coast Road to Koombana Drive are prioritised in the mornings between 7am to 9:30am from Monday to Friday, while motorists travelling from Koombana Drive to Old Coast Road are prioritised in the afternoons between 2pm and 6pm. Businesses are always accessible from Willinge Drive with exiting motorist needing to follow traffic direction. After hours, the road is open to all motorists in both directions.  Stage 3 of this project will begin in the 2020/21 financial year. This project is 2/3 funded by the state and 1/3 funded by City of Bunbury. Should you have any queries regarding this matter please contact, Andre Van Der Merwe, 0437 454 552 or


South Western Highway Shared Path - Stage 1
Stage 1 Works to construct a red asphalt shared path linking Robertson Drive with Grant Smith Entrance adjacent to South Western Highway are complete. Lighting along the path will be installed once Western Power provides an unmetered electrical dome within the Halifax Road, road reserve.​