Works in progress

Current City of Bunbury works:

Leschenault Inlet Marine Wall Renewal

The City of Bunbury has engaged contractors to upgrade the marine wall fronting the Leschenault inlet from a point located approx. 30m east of the Stirling Street Boat ramp to the Fisheries Department building opposite King Road, Bunbury.  Works commenced on the 4th of February with the completion of the project scheduled in June 2019. 100 metres of Seawall is now complete and the second stage is underway.

Estuary Drive Path Upgrade and Road Reseal

This project will see the upgrade of the footpath and reseal of the road on Estuary Drive from Willinge Drive to the Railway.  The shared path from Willinge Drive to the railway crossing is set to be improved, consisting of a three metre wide red asphalt path, with a one metre offset from the traffic lane separated by a kerb barrier and will coincide with the resealing and widening of the road surface of the same section. Works are scheduled to begin 29 April 2019


Hay Park box culvert construction 

A box culvert is being installed for a short section of the Five Mile Brook to make provision for safe emergency and pedestrian access from the Soccer Club Carpark to the adjacent ground. The works once complete will consist of a 2.4m high box culvert to facilitate free of storm water along the brook, a limestone retaining wall to reduce issues with grade from the building to the oval and reticulated lawn area.


Columba Street Upgrade

Reconstruction activities along Columba Street between the school and Spencer Street are underway. Reconstruction activities along Columba Street between the school and Spencer Street are all complete with only minor tidy up works to be undertaken to finalise the project.​ 


Birch Street Path connection to Ocean Drive

Works to construct a new path to connect Birch Street with Ocean Drive next to Fawlty Towers has commenced and are expected to be completed in May 2019.

College Row Path Upgrade

Works to Upgrade the Footpath along College Row between Evedon Street and Lot 75 has commenced and are expected to be completed in May 2019.