Recovering Together

The City’s aim in the Recovery of COVID-19 is to  work collaboratively to empower the community, to minimise the impacts of the COVID 19 event upon the community, both economically and socially. The coordination of the recovery efforts are lead by the City of Bunbury, actively engaging with the community, external businesses, organisations, service providers and drawing on internal expertise.

The City of Bunbury’s small business and industry support grants have proven popular with the local community with more than 30 small businesses set to receive a boost.

Successful local businesses will receive one-off grants of up to $3500 as part of the business support scheme.

The grants program was designed to deliver direct financial support to local small businesses to innovate, adapt and foster business continuity and increase business capabilities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An initial funding allocation of $75,000 for the small business grants was fully subscribed, predominantly for online and e-commerce developments and storefront improvements.

Due to the popularity of the grants program an additional $40,000 has been sourced through existing budgets to support the large number of applicants.  

As a result of both the original and additional grant budgets being exhausted the funding round has now been closed.

A condition of the grants outlines that goods and services must be provided by other Bunbury businesses as part of the scheme. 

The City is also providing one-off industry grants of up to $5000 to the total value of $25,000 for eligible organisations.

Bunbury Business, Industry and Organisation Support GrantRound 2020

A total of $140,000 in grant support for local business and industry will be provided by the City as part of the City’s Relief and Recovery Plan.​