Proposed Scheme Amendment 93 - Standard Amendment

Notice is hereby given that the local government of the City of Bunbury is currently considering the abovementioned town planning scheme amendment for the purpose of Rezoning of Lot 33 Strickland Street, Bunbury From 'Public Purposes – Drainage Reserve' to 'Mixed Business Zone'.

The intent of Scheme Amendment 93 is to allow the subject site to be capable of development for mixed business purposes in conjunction with adjoining lots. The existing drain is to be piped, covered and protected by a 5m wide easement.
Plans and documents setting out and explaining the scheme amendment have been deposited at the City of Bunbury Offices - 4 Stephen Street, Bunbury and will be available for inspection during office hours up to and including close of business on Tuesday, 14 November 2017.
Submissions on the planning scheme amendment may be lodged in writing and should include the amendment number, the property affected and details of the submission.

To view the ad/location plan

To download a submission form

To view proposed Scheme Amendment Report
For further information, please call Martin Hughes, Planning Officer, on (08) 9792 7050.
Submissions close 5pm Tuesday 14 November 2017.