Infringements (parking fines) are issued by the City of Bunbury for breaches of parking laws.

Payment in person or by mail

If you receive an infringement and do not wish to appeal its circumstances, full payment of the penalty can be made at our Customer Service Centre, 4 Stephen Street Bunbury (Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5pm) by cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS, credit card. Cheques and money orders, made payable to City of Bunbury, can be posted to: City of Bunbury, PO Box 21, Bunbury WA 6231. Please include your name, infringement number and vehicle registration details with your payment. It is important the penalty is paid by the due date as additional costs could be incurred.

Payment online

Click here to make a payment online.

Appeal a Parking Infringement

In certain circumstances the City is prepared to withdraw an infringement that has been issued.

Once suitable proof is provided, the following situations will be considered for withdrawal:

  • you had a medical emergency that prevented you from removing your vehicle. Documentation is required from your medical practitioner or hospital to support this claim;
  • your vehicle was broken down and you could not move it. You will need to supply a completed Statutory Declaration;  and a towing receipt or proof of repairs (e.g. a receipt for parts, an invoice from a mechanic, RAC callout documentation, etc);
  • your vehicle was stolen. You need to advise the reference number of the Police report;
  • you were detained by the Police. Documentation from the Police is required.

Appeals will generally not be considered if you received your infringement because:  

  • you lost track of time;
  • your doctor's appointment / hairdresser / job interview / etc went over time. You must ensure you have parked in a place that provides enough time for your requirements;
  • you were held up in court. Generally court appearances take longer than an hour or two so parking in a short term bay is not appropriate;
  • you did not see the sign. As the driver you must look for parking signs to ascertain if parking is permitted in the area you intend to leave your vehicle;
  • you did not understand the parking sign. These signs are based on Australian Standards;
  • you did not know that parking restrictions applied;
  • you left your permit in the other car. If you don’t have your permit you need to find somewhere else to park;
  • you thought you were allowed to park there. Only authorised vehicles can park in Loading Zones, Taxi Stands, disabled bays, Charter Bus bays;
  • you went to get change for the machine. You need to arrange this before you arrive;
  • the ticket or permit had fallen out of sight or flipped upside down. You must ensure it is displayed correctly prior to leaving your vehicle;
  • you had to use the toilet;
  • you were only there for a few minutes. If a fee is required then it is required as soon as you park there;
  • you were helping someone and thought it was ok to disregard the parking rules. Despite the good deed, you need to ensure your vehicle is correctly parked;
  • you couldn’t find a parking bay so you left your vehicle in a place you thought would have been alright. You can only park in designated parking areas;

If, after reading the above, you still wish to appeal your infringement you need to advise the City. You can:

  • Apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Bunbury PO Box 21 Bunbury WA 6231. You can download the infringement appeal form here 
  • The appeal must detail the circumstances plus include your full name, address, infringement number and details of the vehicle, where applicable.
  • elect to have an alleged offence heard by a court by applying in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Bunbury, PO Box 21, Bunbury WA 6231. The application must detail the circumstances of the offence plus include your full name, address, infringement number and details of the vehicle, if applicable.
  • Click here to appeal by completing this form