Koombana Waterfront Accessibility

The new Koombana Bay Redevelopment has been designed to be accessible and inclusive for people with disability and includes several accessible features. In addition to the Changing Place Facility other accessible features include; ACROD bays, beach wheelchairs, drink fountains, seating, barbeques, accessible ramps to the beach and improved circulation space around the paved area of the development.


Access Ramp

In late 2015 the City was the successful recipient of a Community Infrastructure grant from the Disability Services Commission for the installation of an accessible ramp at Koombana Bay providing access for people in wheelchairs, mobility aids, people unsteady on their feet or mothers in prams etc.

In 2017 the ramp was installed as part of the overall Koombana redevelopment project. The City are now sourcing accessible beach matting that will extend from the ramp edge to water allowing people direct access to the beach.


Beach Wheelchairs

In collaboration with Enable South West the City of Bunbury has provided storage at the new Koombana Redevelopment for the two Beach Trekker Wheelchairs previously located at the Koombana Sailing Club. People will now be able to access the wheelchairs right on the beach and utilise the access ramp and matting.

To gain access to the wheelchairs patrons can request the key to the storage key from the Hello Summer kiosk. For security reasons patrons will be required to sign out and provide their contact details and sign in when they return the key.


Outdoor seating, drink fountains and Barbeque Areas

The City of Bunbury have installed 3 wheelchair accessible barbeques along the paved section of the redevelopment as well as wheelchair accessible drink fountains and bench seating and tables.

Wheelchair users were also consulted during the design on the seating and outdoor space and this resulted in changes to improve circulation space around seating and barbeques for wheelchair users. 



Given the increased accessibility of the space the City installed 8 ACROD bays in anticipation of increased numbers of people with a disability accessing the site​.