Koombana Bay Changing Place

What is a Changing Place?

A Changing Place is a secure and clean bathroom specifically designed for people who need space and assistance to manage their bathroom needs while in the community and for whom universal access toilets are not suitable.

Watch a video: Video from Changing Places Australia

Location of Changing Place

The City of Bunbury’s Changing Place is located at Koombana Bay Beach on Anchorage Cove, on the southern eastern corner of the Koombana Bay Kiosk Building.

You can view the location of the Changing Place on the National Public Toilet Map

How do I access the Changing Place?

Access to the City Of Bunbury’s Changing Place is via a Master Locksmiths Access Key

Eligible people and organisations can purchase a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) directly from the Master Locksmith Association, or via the Changing Places website.

Disability service organisations are encouraged to purchase their own Master Locksmiths Access Key for organisational use.

The City of Bunbury has a spare Master Locksmiths Access Key available to eligible users for day use. A Loan Key can be picked up from the Hello Summer Kiosk (located north of the toilet block facing the beach) during their business hours (Wednesday to Friday 9am to 3pm and Saturday to Sunday 9am to 4pm). There is no charge to borrow a Master Locksmiths Access Key however you will need to register your details with photo ID.

Local Access: Additional Information

  • Accessible 24/7 with a MLAK

  • Loan key available from Hello Summer! Kiosk during their business hours (Wednesday to Friday 9am to 3pm and Saturday to Sunday 9am to 4pm)

Location of nearest ACROD parking bays

There is an accessible parking bay 15m directly opposite the Changing Place and another two within 45m in the same car park behind the Koombana Kiosk. There are an additional 5 accessible parking bays within 350m of the Changing Place located in the eastern car park towards the Dolphin Discovery Centre which has a continuous accessible path of travel to the Changing Place.

Distance from public transport

TransBunbury bus stop no. 73803 is in the eastern Koombana Bay car park adjacent to the Dolphin Discovery Centre currently on bus route 825. The bus stop is approximately 350m from the Changing Place and has a flat continuous accessible path of travel to the Changing Place.  

The Changing Place contains the following equipment:

  • Ceiling Hoist – Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoist. Only a lifting sling with four to six lifting straps designed for mounting on hooks should be used.

  • Change Table – Ropox Shower & Changing Bed (adult sized and height adjustable)

Please note: Slings (disposable or otherwise) are not provided in Changing Places. If you are unsure about your sling’s compatibility with the hoist provided in this Changing Place, please contact the supplier, manufacturer or prescribing therapist, or call the Independent Living Centre's Advisory Service on 1300 885 886 for advice. Information on Guldmann Lifting slings can be found here: Guldmann Lifting Slings  

Written Instructions

  • Click here for instructions for use of ceiling hoist. 

  • Click here for ​instructions for use of shower and change bed.

Changing Places Network

This Changing Places forms part of a State-wide network. Other Changing Places across WA can be located on the National Public Toilet Map or the Changing Places​ Australia Toilet Map. You can use either of these maps to plan your journey.

Important information

Staff working in the location of this Changing Place are not able to assist you with your continence requirements within the Changing Place. 

More information and contact

If you have lost your Master Locksmiths Access Key, you find this Changing Place unclean or the equipment is not working, please contact the City of Bunbury by calling  08 9792 7000 (business hours only) or email records@bunbury.wa.gov.au​ ​​