Heritage Incentives

Application fees for Planning Approvals

Planning applications are required for development of a place on the LGHI (Local Government Heritage Inventory), Heritage List or in the Heritage Area. Planning fees are waived for applications that are required only because of the heritage implications.

Heritage Rate Concession

Some conservation works to places on the heritage list or in the heritage area are eligible for a heritage rate concession of up to $1,000 per annum.

Eligible works include:

  • Preservation, restoration and reconstruction to the interior and/or exterior of a place;
  • Conjectural reconstruction of elements where original details have been previously removed;
  • Works to protect significant fabric from deterioration and/or damage;
  • External painting (but not to surfaces which were originally unpainted – e.g. brickwork).

Heritage Advisory Service

Owners, developers and prospective purchasers can obtain advice and guidance on proposed development and conservation of heritage places from the City’s Planning Officer (Heritage) or the Regional Heritage Advisor.

Heritage Awards

The biannual City of Bunbury Heritage Awards aims to raise awareness of the importance of the City’s unique heritage; to advance conservation principles and practice; and to acknowledge and encourage excellence in conservation of heritage places and sites.

There are two award categories:

  • City of Bunbury Award for Excellence in Heritage Building Design and Conservation Work
  • City of Bunbury Award for Outstanding Heritage Promotion

Download a nomination form here