Heritage Conservation

Assessment of Heritage Significance

The City of Bunbury Local Planning Policy – Assessment of Cultural Heritage Significance details the way that places within the City of Bunbury are assessed for heritage value. Compliance with this policy makes sure that assessments are accountable, comparable and consistent.

The criteria adheres to well established ‘best-practice’ in the identification and assessment of local heritage places in Western Australia and throughout Australia at a local, state and national level, and are consistent with those published by the State Heritage Office.

The cultural heritage significance of a place is determined through the assessment of aesthetic, historic, scientific and social values, rarity and/or representativeness. The physical condition, integrity and authenticity of a place is also taken into account. It is possible for a place of poor condition to be entered in the LGHI (Local Government Heritage Inventory) or heritage list when other values such as historic or rarity values are high.

Design Guidelines

The City of Bunbury Local Planning Policy – Heritage and Conservation Development Policy – Heritage Places applies to all places entered into the Heritage List. Local Planning Policy – Stirling Street Heritage Area sets out design guidelines for the development of places within the established Stirling Street Heritage Area.

The Design Guidelines, which form part of these policies, guide landowners, developers and Council on how to ensure that development does not adversely affect the heritage significance of heritage places or the heritage area.

Development Application Process

Local Planning Policy – Development Application Assessment Process sets out how an application for development of a place entered into the Municipal Inventory, Heritage List or in a Heritage area will be assessed by Council.

Variations to Planning Scheme and Residential Design Codes

Under the Town Planning Scheme, the City is able to allow some variations to the requirements of the Scheme and/or the R Codes to facilitate the development of a heritage place. The variations allowed are assessed on a site by site basis. Local Planning Policy – Variation to Local Planning Scheme and Residential Design Codes