City of Bunbury Environmental Health Officers conduct routine food safety and hygiene assessments of all business premises preparing food for sale to the general public. Assessments are carried out to ascertain compliance of the food business with the requirements of the Food Act 2008 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Handling of food for sale is governed by the Food Act 2008 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Food Safety Standards. The Food Standards Code requires all outlets selling food to notify the City.

Food premises that have a licence from the City can operate outdoor eating areas in accordance with the Cit​y of Bunbury’s Local Government and Public Property Local Laws. 

Food premises and product complaints

For complaints regarding food businesses within the City of Bunbury that have unsatisfactory hygiene or maintenance standards, or for suspected food poisoning cases, or if you have found a foreign object in a food product (please keep the portion) contact our Environmental Health Services team on 9792 7100 or email

Food composition, labelling and safety are governed by the Australian Food Standards Code.

The following fact sheets and application forms provide more detailed information regarding specific topics.

Further food related information can also be found at the Department of Health website.  

Alfresco Dining


Application for an Outdoor Eating Licence​

Conditions of Licence 

Extract from the City of Bunbury Local Government and Public Property Local Law​​​​

Please note this form is only applicable if you already have a Registered food business within the City of Bunbury and the area you wish to set-up the tables and chairs is on Council land.  An officer will contact you on submission of the form to advise  associated fees and assessment process.  If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Environmental Health Services on 9792 7100 for assistance.​​

Food safety training

Do you and your staff have the skills and knowledge to deliver safe food for your customers and comply with your obligations under the Food Safety Standards? It is a legal requirement that every food business and food handler applies safe food handling practices and has adequate food safety skills and knowledge in relation to the tasks they are undertaking. 

The I’m Alert Food Safety Online Training Program is a FREE tool available on the City of Bunbury website.  It’s easy to complete and will assist you and your staff to develop the skills and knowledge needed for safe food practices. 

To view all of the training modules takes approximately two hours in total.  Alternatively, each module can be completed individually.  When selecting the module, the time taken to view it will be shown on the screen.

For the course overview and IT requirements of the I’m Alert Food Safety Online Training Program, please view the advertising flyer.

To complete the training, please go to I'm Alert.
Note: you should read the advertising flyer before visiting the training site as the flyer details the relevant IT requirements of the site.  ​​​