Economic Development Action Plan

Economic Development Action Plan 2020 - 2023

Please click here​​ to view a copy of the Economic Development Action Plan 2020 - 2023.

In June 2019, our community told us that economic development needs to be a priority of the City and that shaping new and existing industry and business activities, attracting investors and providing long term employment opportunities was important to the long term success of our city.

As WA’s second City and the economic hub for the South West, Bunbury has the ability to play a key role in leveraging opportunities to grow economic development, employment and business confidence in the region.

We are in a dynamic, technological environment and as a City we need to be responsive to these advancements and support our business community accordingly.

In listening to our community, the Economic Development Action Plan has been designed to focus the City’s attention over the next three years with activities that capitalise on our comparative advantages as a City and sets out a proactive framework in which to work.

The framework fosters collaboration with our stakeholders and advocacy within our community in order to drive necessary changes, pursue opportunities and work collectively towards positive development and growth for the region.

The Economic Development Action Plan aims to deliver not only short term objectives to stimulate our economy and add to the vibrancy of our great City, but also strives to steer Bunbury to achieve our longer term goals and future aspirations.​​​​​