A dog is known as ‘man’s best friend’ and being a dog owner is not just a privilege but a responsibility. Bunbury has a population of over 3,500 dogs and it is important that all dog owners raise their pets appropriately.  

Being a responsible dog owner is about understanding your pet’s needs and your responsibilities to the community. Your dog’s health, your children’s safety, your neighbours’ and your community’s wellbeing are largely dependent on how you care for your dog.  

Dog registration

All dogs must be registered and microchipped by the age of 3 months. A person must be over 18 years of age to lawfully register a dog. The registration period is from 1 November to 31 October, with all registrations expiring on 31 October, regardless of the date your dog was originally registered.

Your dog can be registered at the Council Administration Centre, 4 Stephen Street, Bunbury or online here​. You will need to provide relevant documents to receive dog sterilisation and/or pensioner concession along with proof of microchipping. 

Registration Renwal

You have the option of paying your dog registration renewal online by credit card or PayPal by clicking here.

​Registration Fees 1 Year​ ​3 Year ​Lifetime
Sterilised  ​$20.00 ​$42.50 $100.00​
Unsterilised $50.00 $120.00 $250.00
Sterilised & Pensioner $10.00 ​$21.25 $50.00
Unsterilised & Pensioner ​$25.00 ​$60.00 ​$125.00

As well as a registration tag it is recommended that your dog wear an identification tag. The tag may display a contact number and/or name and address of the dog’s owner.  This will ensure that your dog can be returned to you should your dog escape from your property.

Compulsory microchipping

From the 1st November 2015 all dogs over the age of 3 months must be microchipped.  After this date, it will be an offence for a dog owner to have a dog that is not microchipped and a $200 infringement notice can be issued.  Please ensure that your dog is microchipped.

If your dog is impounded, it may not be released from the pound before being microchipped.  This is at the dog owners expense. Microchipped dogs are still required to wear a registration tag at all times.

Update your Information

As a dog owner, you are required to notify the City of Bunbury of any changes relating to your dog registration including ownership, address, dog sterilisation, microchip details or if your dog has passed away.

To download an update of information form please click here​

Dog identification

As well as a registration tag it is recommended that your dog wear an identification tag. The tag may display a contact number and/or name and address of the dog’s owner. From 1 November 2013 all new dogs, that is pups and other dogs being registered for the first time, and dogs where ownership is changing will need to be microchipped. All dangerous dogs will have to be microchipped by 30 November 2013. All other dogs do not have to be microchipped until 1 November 2015. Any dog should not be released from the pound before being micro chipped, this is at the owners expense.


Dog number limits

The City of Bunbury Local Laws allows for up to two dogs to be kept at any one property in Bunbury.

Dog owners can apply to have more than two dogs by applying in writing to the Council. Applications can be obtained from Customer Service at the City’s Administration Building.

Dog exercise and prohibited areas

The City has a number of approved dog exercise areas, where owners and their dogs can stretch their legs, throw a Frisbee and enjoy the sunshine. Of course, there are some areas where dogs are not allowed, in particular the Dolphin Discovery Centre beach (Koombana Bay), Jetty Baths and the Big Swamp.  

For a detailed map of the dog exercise areas in the City of Bunbury please click here.​ 

Lost or found a dog?

Click here to view impounded animals. 

If you believe your dog may have been impounded or you have found a dog, you should immediately contact Community Law, Safety and Emergency Management on 9792 7106 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Owners will be notified in writing of their dog’s whereabouts if an impounded dog is wearing a current registration tag or identification tag.  

Dogs delivered to the pound or found wandering by the Ranger will be held for a minimum of three days, after which time they will be available for re-home to rescue agencies or humanely destroyed. 

Nuisance dogs

All dogs bark as it is their natural means of communication but frequent or excessive barking can be constituted as a nuisance.  The cause of nuisance barking may be a lack of training, insufficient exercise, loneliness, ill health or deliberate or intentional provocation by people or other dogs. 

Dogs that bark continually can cause disputes between neighbours, so it is important to train your dog to bark only when the need arises. Ask your neighbours to let you know if your dog is causing a nuisance when you are not at home. 

If the Ranger considers your dog to be a nuisance you may be issued with an infringement notice or taken to court. 

View more information here.

If you have a problem with nuisance dogs in your area and have found that a friendly chat with your neighbour isn’t working, please contact Community Law, Safety and Emergency Management on (08) 9792 7106 for advice.

Wandering dogs

Dog owners need to keep their dogs on a leash when in a public place, except in designated exercise areas.  When your dog is off its leash it is your responsibility to maintain control and ensure your dog does not become a nuisance to other users of the exercise area. 

It is every dog owners’ responsibility to pick up your dog’s excreta (dog poo) and place it in the bins provided. Dog Pooch bags are available from the City of Bunbury, your local vet and various bin locations around the city. Please use them.

Dangerous and Restricted Dogs

The keeping of these dogs is not prohibited, however special requirements do apply. If you are contemplating obtaining a dog that may be a restricted breed you need to be familiar with these requirements. 

Dangerous dog legislation is not the same as restricted breed regulations. Any dog may be declared dangerous under Section 33E of the Dog Act 1976.

Dog attacks are a serious matter and should always be reported to the City of Bunbury as soon as possible. Rangers will investigate the allegation and take the appropriate action under the Dog Act 1976.  

A dog attack does not only refer to incidents involving the dog inflicting a wound on another animal or person. An attack is also when a dog chases or charges a person or animal even without causing injury.   The owner or person responsible for a dog involved in an attack could be liable for fines up to $10,000, plus costs. ​​​​​​​​​