Development Assessment Panels

A Development Assessment Panel (DAP) is an independent town planning body that is responsible for determining certain types of development applications, as if they were the local council. 

A key component of planning reform in Western Australia, Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) are intended to enhance planning expertise in decision making by improving the balance between technical advice and local knowledge. 

Each DAP consists of five panel members, three being specialist members and two local government councillors.

DAP determines development applications that meet set type and value thresholds as if it were the responsible authority under the relevant planning instrument, such as the local planning scheme or region planning scheme.  The DAP regulations state that DAP applications cannot be determined by local government or the Western Australia Planning Commission (WAPC).

The role of DAP members is to determine development applications within a certain type and value threshold through consistent, accountable, and processional decision-making.

DAP Assessment applies to the following Development Applications:

a) Where estimated development cost is $10 million or more (mandatory); or
b) Where estimated development cost is $2 million and less than $10 million - (optional)  - applicant can choose to "opt-in" or not to.


DAP Application Forms & Fee Schedule

DAP Form 1 – Notice of Development Application to be determined by DAP

DAP Form 2 – Application for Amendment or Cancellation of a DAP Determination

Current Applications

Development Assessment Panel Development Application

Lot 63 #60 Sandridge Road, Lot 68 / 69 / 70 #0 Pennant Road & Lot 150 #132 Strickland Street, Bunbury

Application Details: DAP/18/01496

Bunbury Forum Shopping Centre Demolition, Redevelopment and Expansion

Supporting Documentation:

Development Assessment Panel Meeting Minutes and Agendas

- JDAP Meeting Minutes SJDAP/36 Community Purpose Proposal, Lot 54 #46 Vittoria Road Bunbury. 29 August 2018 ​  

For further information or previous minutes and agendas, please visit the Department of Planning website.