Marlston Waterfront sea wall undergoes urgent repairs

Thursday, 7 February 2019 

Urgent works are being carried out on the Marlston Waterfront sea wall to repair the limestone wall and rock armour. 

In October 2018 the City became aware of longitudinal cracks that appeared to be widening along the promenade in front of Bayview Bar which were discovered whilst inspecting damage caused by a storm to the Marlston Waterfront jetty. 

An initial review of the wall showed there was little to no movement along the sea wall however as a precaution the City began to regularly visually inspect the site. 

Late last December it was noted the wall had begun to move both vertically and horizontally and as a result the City engaged with local engineering consultants WML to provide advice. 

In January the soil substructure and rock armour were inspected and a geophysical inspection was carried out which showed the wall needed to be stabilised immediately.

 To stabilise the wall a cement slurry will be pumped below the footing to stabilise the footing to a distance of 30 metres and a permeating grout will be used to stabilise the soil behind the seawall to a length of 50 metres. 

All works have been expected to be completed within 10 days of beginning works on site.

Mayor Gary Brennan said the sea wall did not pose an immediate threat to surrounding businesses. 

“Works have already begun to stabilise the sea wall and will be finished promptly to ensure it is business as usual along the Marlston Waterfront,” Mayor Brennan said. 

“I applaud our officers in their proactive approach to ensuring these urgent works were carried out immediately.” 

Repairs to the jetty have been put on hold until the sea wall works have been carried out.