Corporate Business Plan now online

Friday, 20 July 2018 

The City of Bunbury has published a summary of its Corporate Business Plan which is now available for the community to access. The document is a reader-friendly version of the City’s adopted Integrated Financial Plan.

The Plan is informed by the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028 (SCP) and aims to integrate aspirations into the City’s operations.

The plan follows the same structure as set out by the SCP with the four themes of:

  • Our community and culture
  • Our economy
  • Our places and spaces
  • Our City

To realise the community’s goals and objectives, the City has identified a number of actions to help achieve these outcomes. These actions are also outlined in the Corporate Business Plan.

The Corporate Business Plan focuses on the first four years of the Strategic Community Plan and is reviewed and updated on an annual basis as required by legislation.

The next review will take place during 2018/2019.

It is recommended the plan is read in conjunction with the City’s Integrated Financial Plan, asset management plans and workforce plan.

All documents are now available here