Management of Introduced Corellas

A flock of introduced corellas has resided in Bunbury for several years. These birds are not native to the South West, but rather have established from birds that have escaped or been released from aviaries.

The introduced corellas cause negative impacts on the community through noise, chewing and fouling behaviours. The local flock and its associated impacts have noticeably increased in recent years with the birds being recently declared a Category 3 Pest by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

In response to the ongoing issues caused by the corellas in Bunbury, Council met on 3 April 2018 to discuss a strategy for the management of the birds and it was decided that Council:

  1. Note the City of Bunbury introduced Corella Management Strategy proposal and thanks staff for their efforts
  2. Considers an allocation of $50,000 during budget deliberations for 2018/19 to be only used to fund the destruction of introduced Corellas
  3. Requests that the CEO seeks a permit on behalf of the City of Bunbury from the State Government for the destruction of 400 introduced corellas in years 2018/19 and further 400 introduced corellas in year 2019/20
  4. Requests that the CEO prepares a report for Council on the success or otherwise of the cull prior to any future funding being considered
  5. Requests the CEO write to the Premier of Western Australia expressing concern and disappointment at the lack of action undertaken by the WA Government regarding introduced Corella management issues in the Bunbury region, and in particular the resultant cost-shift to local government since the declaration of Corellas as a Category 3 Declared Pest, which places responsibility on land holders to undertake measures to reduce the impact of the pest and reduce its distribution.

What we are doing

In accordance with the noted strategy * the City has recently installed two scaring kites within the CBD to deter introduced Corellas away from damaging key City infrastructure and assets.

The City has applied for a permit through the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) for an annual permit to cull 1000 birds.

We have also advertised for contractors to undertake professional and humane control of introduced Corellas for 2017/18 and will do so again for 2018/19. It is expected that the City will award a culling contract in mid-May and culling will begin.

Currently City technicians are in the process of investigating optimum locations for the placement of audio scarers to protect City infrastructure.

These will be installed following the preparation of a noise management plan as well as engaging with significant stakeholders.

Following the adoption of the 2018/19 budget a further culling contract will be advertised in August and implemented over the following months in order to try to achieve a cull of 400 birds for 2018/19 as per Council’s decision above.

A report will then be prepared by the contractor on the outcomes of culling initiatives undertaken up to 30 June 2019 in order to support Council decision-making regarding future funding considerations.

The City continues to participate in the Western Australian Local Government Association-led corella control coordination group, which provides for knowledge sharing across the local government sector. This includes partnership with surrounding Local Governments and other stakeholders.

Please visit again soon for regular program updates.

More information

To view the Introduced Corella Management Strategy that was noted by Council click here.

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What you can do to help

Community members can assist with the issue by refraining from feeding the introduced corellas and by taking a responsible approach to domestic corella keeping (i.e. ensuring that the birds to not escape to the wild).

Information, enquiries or complaints related to this issue can be lodged via email to