Collaborative approach to promote Bunbury

Wednesday, 10 June 2020 

The City of Bunbury is working with Bunbury Geographe Tourism Partnership and other key stakeholders to roll out a collaborative approach to promotion of Bunbury and the region following COVID-19. 

As part of these efforts the City will be contributing to a range of initiatives beginning this week. 

These activities will be highlighted in a Perth billboard marketing campaign with static billboards on 10 major Perth highways and digital billboard signage on the Kwinana Freeway. 

Other initiatives include digital marketing campaigns, social media content and a Seven West Media feature. 

These campaigns are aimed at generating and reigniting interest in Bunbury and the wider region as a destination post COVID-19, supporting the local economy and combining resources and activities to maximise reach and effectiveness. 

As well as promoting the City as a destination to prospective visitors, these campaigns talk to the many visiting family, friends and relatives returning to Bunbury and the region following the easing of travel restrictions. 

Campaigns are expected to evolve as restrictions continue to ease. 

Comments attributed to City of Bunbury CEO Mal Osborne  

“Now is the ideal time to get people – especially those in Perth – thinking about Bunbury again and what a unique and accessible destination it is being less than a two-hour drive from the State’s capital city.  

“City staff have been working hard on how Bunbury can be promoted as the idyllic destination it is as restrictions continue to ease and people look within WA to get away. 

“These campaigns will go a long way in helping our local economy and businesses bounce back and be stronger than ever post COVID-19.”  

Comments attributed to BGTP's Tourism Marketing & Development Manager Anissa Williams  

"By combining activities, the region will see unprecedented campaigns, collaborative brand messaging and funding. 

"From the beginning, we have been 'in this together', and we will continue to work together for Bunbury and for the region.  

"If you are sitting at home, wondering how you can contribute and assist our local businesses, then please like and share the campaigns far and wide.”