City launches waste education videos

Friday, 6 March 2018

The City of Bunbury launched the first of its waste education videos via social media this morning.

The 90 second clip educates residents on how to use their FOGO (Food Organics Green Organics) bin.

It is one of four clips designed to create awareness surrounding the City’s three-bin system as well as disposal of hazardous waste.

Funding for the videos was provided through a grant from the Waste Authority and is just one of the many initiatives being implemented by the waste education team.

The team has also been busy working with local schools to educate Bunbury children about the City’s waste management system. A competition to brand the City’s waste trucks is currently underway and students have been invited to submit a drawing based on the City’s three-bin system.

Winning entries will adorn the sides of the trucks and the competition closes next Friday. Five works will be chosen.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said waste education was important in helping to reduce waste and preserving our environment.

“The City is committed to waste education and I acknowledge the efforts our community goes to ensure they are using the three-bin system correctly,” Mayor Brennan said.

“Since the introduction of the three-bin system residents have diverted on average 60% of their waste from landfill by using the green organics and yellow recycling bins – with further education we hope to see that amount increase even further.”

Over the coming months the City will release each of the waste education clips via its Facebook page and Instagram account.

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