City introduces smart parking option in CBD

​The changes to parking in Bunbury’s CBD have been completed on time with the final task, smartphone parking technology, being activated last week.

The introduction of on-street smartphone parking marks the final major change to the City’s parking strategy. The changes already made include two hours’ free parking on the street from Monday to Saturday, increasing the free parking period in shopper/visitor car parks to three hours, and providing free all day parking on Sundays and public holidays on-street and in City-owned car parks.

The changes have been carried out to help play a part in revitalising the city centre following discussions with the business and wider community.

The addition of the smartphone app PayStay will eliminate the need for motorists to collect a ticket from a parking machine and also pre-determining the time they require to be parked.

PayStay works by downloading the app onto your smartphone and registering an account. After finding a parking spot, motorists simply enter the parking zone number, which is displayed on parking signs throughout the CBD, and then select the start time.

The parking session can be stopped by the user when they return to the vehicle. When using PayStay in an all-day car park, parking is charged at an hourly rate until the daily fee is reached.

Users can also set up SMS reminders before their parking expires.  Because motorists don’t need to pre-determine the parking period, they can park up to the maximum time limit shown on the parking sign without having to return to their car.

Motorists can also use PayStay via the website, text messages or a toll-free customer support centre.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said the app also provided motorists with a map that showed the parking zones and the total number of parking bays located in the CBD.

“This technology has been implemented in response to feedback from the community who were keen to see alternative ways to obtain a parking ticket without having to access a machine,” Mr Brennan said.

“PayStay has been in use in City-owned car parks since August 2015 and implementing it on the street was a natural progression.”

Motorists are reminded that parking tickets need to be displayed if not making use of the PayStay app.

Mr Brennan said he was now looking forward to the community and businesses coming together with the City to add vibrancy and diversity to the CBD.

“This includes a funding commitment from Council that will go towards the implementation of a City promotional strategy aimed at attracting people to the CBD,” Mr Brennan said.

“A CBD Activation Advisory Group has also been formed that will help drive this initiative and it is now imperative that a collaborative approach is taken to ensure we achieve desired and long-lasting outcomes.”