City extends CBD free trade area trial

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

In a bid to add vibrancy and encourage patronage to the Bunbury CBD and local businesses – the City of Bunbury has extended its free trade area trial.

The trial which began on 1 December has now been extended until 30 April and is aimed at encouraging businesses to use the footpath outside of their business for the purpose of a free trade area.

Businesses are able to display their wares, or anything else they believe may draw attention to their business and entice customers inside.

The trial applies to businesses which have at least two metres of footpath adjacent to their premises and displays must not impact on pedestrian access.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said he hoped businesses took advantage of the trial extension.

“This is a fantastic initiative for CBD traders and will encourage patronage to their business,” Mayor Brennan said.

“There are some great examples out there of businesses getting creative and we look forward to seeing what others do as this will not only help their business but positively impact the CBD as a whole.

“With so many events taking place in the CBD over the next two months it presents the perfect opportunity for business to get involved.”


Once the trial is complete City officers will assess the success of the project by asking for feedback from consumers and business owners.

For more information on the free trade area trial businesses are asked to contact Manager Environmental Health on 9792 7000 or via