City Centre Action Plan

City Centre Action Plan

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The Bunbury City Centre Action Plan has been prepared in collaboration with the community as key stakeholders. The aim of the Bunbury City Centre Action Plan will be to make a significant impact on the Bunbury Geographe and South West region, by strengthening the position of Bunbury’s central business district (CBD) as the State’s second city. By doing so the Action Plan will ensure that the Bunbury City Centre solidifies itself as the most desirable and attractive regional capital. The vision for the City Centre as identified in the Action Plan document is that the CBD:

 - Will be regarded as welcoming, accessible, attractive and full of opportunities.

- Will be renowned as a place to work, live, study, holiday, play and invest in.

- Will represent the heart of Greater Bunbury: healthy, strong and vibrant.

- Will reveal and celebrate the best of all the South West has to offer as the regional capital

The Bunbury City Centre Action Plan seeks to promote the growth and revitalisation of the City Centre through the implementation of projects and programs that sustainably support the region’s growing community and changing economy.

The intent of the Bunbury City Centre Action Plan is to inform the Corporate Business Plan and subsequent Annual Budgets in addition to supporting potential granting funding applications and stimulating redevelopment opportunities within the City Centre.​