City Centre Action Plan will shape future of the CBD

Wednesday, 1 May 2019 

Bunbury’s CBD will be regarded as welcoming, inclusive, accessible, attractive and full of opportunities.

It will be renowned as a place to work, live, study, holiday, play and invest in. 

It will represent the heart of Greater Bunbury: healthy, strong and vibrant and it will reveal and celebrate the best of all the South West has to offer as the regional capital.  

This is the vision the City of Bunbury has outlined for its Bunbury City Centre Action Plan. The Plan will guide the future development of the City Centre. 

On Tuesday Council endorsed the findings in the Bunbury City Centre Outcomes Report which summarised the recent community consultation regarding the Bunbury CBD. 

In 2018 the City held a forum for business owners and the wider community to attend where they were asked to share their ideas on how the CBD could become more vibrant and a more attractive place to visit. 

Pop-up sessions were also held at local eatery Café 140 and the Festival of Japan at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre where participants were given the opportunity to do the same. 

Relevant stakeholders and regulators along with a multidisciplinary design team where invited to take part in a City Scoping Workshop to identify challenges and opportunities within the City Centre. 

These outcomes will help form the Action Plan for Bunbury’s CBD, as the CBD was outlined as a community priority in the City’s Community Perception Survey. 

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said the Plan would provide achievable immediate, short, medium and long-term actions to deliver social and economic benefits to Bunbury. 

“This plan will address the existing and future issues facing Bunbury and will coordinate local and state government, private enterprise and local industry to provide focus for a revitalised City Centre,” Mayor Brennan said. 

“Our aim is to have a connected, colourful, capable and confident City Centre – these will become the four pillars of the Plan. 

“Actions which may result from the plan include improved linkages to the CBD and improvements to streetscapes as well as activation of areas.” 

The City is currently preparing actions under each of the four pillars in order to form the draft plan which will then be publicly advertised before being presented to Council for final adoption.