Bus Shelters Stops and Bench Seats

Bus Shelters

The City of Bunbury has around 435 Bus stops within the City, with 140 of these having a Bus shelter installed.
All these Bus Shelters are owned and maintained by the City.  Any damage or graffiti to these shelters can be reported by contacting the city. 
The Public Transport Authority (PTA) is currently working on a program to upgrade all bus stops within the City so they comply with Disability Standards.  This program is over a 5 year period.  When the program is completed all bus stops will consist of a concrete hardstand with a kerb height of 150mm and tactile ground surface indicators.
How do I get a bus shelter in my street?
You can write to the City requesting a bus shelter be constructed in your street, indicating which side of the road and near what house number.  It would also assist negotiations if you had the agreement of other residents in the street. The request would be placed on the register to be assessed. Usually the requirement for a shelter is a minimum of 15 passengers per day.

Bus Stops

TransBunbury provides the public transport services for the Bunbury area. For the location of bus stops and bus routes please visit their website.

Damaged Bus Stops/Posts

If you believe an offence has been committed, are subjected to anti-social  or unruly behaviour, or see an act of vandalism or graffiti taking place, call (08) 9220 9999 or the Public Transport Authority Comment Line on 13 16 08 as soon as possible so that offenders can be identified  and prosecuted.  Damaged Bus Posts can also be reported via transperthsignage@pta.wa.gov.au

Bench seats

Bench seats on road reserves, public open spaces and bus stops can be installed, replaced, repaired or relocated by contacting the City on (08) 9792 7000.