Bunbury Racecourses Local Area Plan

Project Overview

The City of Bunbury, in partnership with DevelopmentWA and in association with the South West Development Commission and Racing and Wagering Australia has prepared a draft Local Area Plan for the Racecourses local area, which comprises the Bunbury Turf Club, Bunbury Trotting Club, ‘Stables’ residential area and the former Council works depot.

The Local Area Plan (LAP) is a forward-looking document that seeks to guide the future use and development in the area.  Background information can be found within the Project Factsheet here.

Project Update – August 2020

Public advertising of the draft Racecourses LAP, proposed Structure Plan and Local Planning Strategy Amendment 2 was undertaken concurrently between 10 September 2019 and 7 October 2019. All landowners and occupiers within the local area, landowners within 200 metres of the precinct and members of the project’s working groups were notified. The key issues identified from the public submissions included the following:

  • Stables sub-precinct dual residential density coding;
  • Bunbury Turf Club racecourse redevelopment;
  • Proposed access road and public open space on Lot 471 and Portion Lot 501 Ecclestone Street;
  • Depot sub-precinct zoning and residential density coding;
  • Barr Road sub-precinct zoning and residential density coding;
  • Rezoning of Lot 450 Ecclestone Street and portion of Lot 500 Milligan Street; and
  • Arrangements for infill sewerage provision.

As a result of the submissions several modifications were made to the draft Racecourse LAP and Structure Plan which were reported at subsequent meetings of the two working groups (Project Reference Group and Technical Working Group) held during May 2020.

The draft Racecourses Local Area Plan (LAP), proposed Racecourses Structure Plan and proposed Local Planning Strategy Amendment 2 were then returned to Council for further consideration.

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held 18 August 2020 Council decided (192/20):

"That Council Resolves to:

1. Adopt the draft Racecourses Local Area Plan for the purpose of informing the Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business Plan and drafting of a local planning scheme amendment for the Racecourses local area.

2. Pursuant to Part 3, regulation 14(2)(a) and 17 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015, support proposed Local Planning Strategy Amendment 2 without modification and refer the amendment report to the Western Australian Planning Commission for endorsement.

3. Pursuant to Schedule 2, Part 4, clause 20(2)(e) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, recommend to the Western Australian Planning Commission that the proposed draft Racecourses Structure Plan be approved subject to incorporating additions and corrections as identified in the Schedule of Modifications.

4. Note the disbandment of the Racecourses LAP Technical Working Group and Project Reference Group and request the CEO write to all participants thanking them for their involvement in the Working Group.

5. Inform landowners and submitters of Council’s decision."

Documentation from the Ordinary Council Meeting held 18 August 2020 can be viewed in full here 

  • 18 August 2020 - Minutes: Item 10.5, Page 26
  • 18 August 2020 - Part A Appendices; and
  • 18 August 2020 - Part B Appendices

In accordance with Council’s resolution decision, the strategy amendment and structure plan proposals, together with all supporting information is to be referred to the Western Australian Planning Commission for their review and determination. The City will provide further updates once advice is received from the Commission.       

In the meantime, please contact the city on 08 9792 7000, or via email at records@bunbury.wa.gov.au should you have enquiries regarding the project.