Bunbury Racecourses Local Area Plan

Project Overview

The City of Bunbury, in partnership with Landcorp and in association with the South West Development Commission, is currently in the process of preparing a Local Area Plan for the Racecourses precinct, which comprises the Bunbury Turf Club, Bunbury Trotting Club, ‘Stables’ residential area and the Council depot.

A Local Area Plan (LAP) is a forward looking document that seeks to guide the future use and development of an area.  LAPs consider the environmental, social and economic issues relevant to a particular area and the values and needs of the associated community in an integrated way.  LAPs also have a strong focus on fostering a partnership approach between the various tiers of government, the private sector and the community and the coordination of activities at the local level, in order to maximise the efficient use of available resources and outcomes.  The process for preparing LAPs was established by the Australian Local Government Association in the early 1990s.

The preparation of a LAP for the Racecourses precinct is considered to be a priority for the City of Bunbury for several reasons.  The Bunbury Turf Club and Bunbury Trotting Club are considered to be strategically important to the horse racing industry, particularly from a training perspective, and are experiencing shifting demographic and economic trends.  The two clubs are also regionally significant from a socio-economic and recreation perspective.  The ‘Stables’ residential area has a unique development pattern, comprising large, unsewered lots, with a lower standard of infrastructure compared to the modern day mean, which along with other considerations, presents both opportunities and challenges for future use and development of the area.

Stakeholder and community engagement is considered to be a critical component of the LAP process.  A range of stakeholders are lending support to the project through participation in a Project Technical Working Group and Project Reference Group, including the Bunbury Trotting Club, Bunbury Turf Club, Racing and Wagering WA and Department of Planning.  Additionally, several community representatives have been appointed to assist in conveying information between the community and the two project groups.

The project has a 12-month timeframe and is currently due to be completed in mid-2018.  Key project outputs are to include the Racecourses Local Area Plan, which will ultimately become a City of Bunbury local planning policy, a structure plan/s and a basic scheme amendment in order to incorporate the chosen pattern of uses and development into the City’s local planning scheme.

Calibre Consulting Pty Ltd has been appointed as the principle consultant to deliver the project and is being supported by several sub-consultants.

If you would like further information on the project, please contact the Project Manager, Mr Ben Deeley, on 08 9792 7081 or via email bdeeley@bunbury.wa.gov.au

Project Update - 18 July 2017

To date, the draft project Stakeholder and Community Engagement Plan has been prepared and work has commenced on compiling the required information on the area’s socio-economic, environmental and infrastructure characteristics and in preparing the supporting local water management strategy and transport assessment.

A Community Visioning Workshop was held on 29 June 2017 at the Bunbury Turf Club in order to confirm the issues and determine the local community’s values towards the study area in supporting the development of a shared vision for it.  A rerun of the workshop, in the form of a round table discussion, was held on 6 July 2017 at the City of Bunbury Council Chambers Function Area in order to accommodate people who couldn’t attend the initial workshop.  A copy of the report documenting the findings from the workshops can be downloaded from the following link

Preparation for the upcoming Community Scenarios Workshops is currently underway (see below for further details).

Please check back for regular project updates!

Upcoming Community Engagement Opportunities

Community Scenarios Workshops – 1-4pm and 6-9pm, 20 July 2017 at the Bunbury Trotting Club

These workshops are being undertaken in order to discuss a series of potential future development scenarios for the study area, which will be developed following the first workshop.  Please RSVP to records@bunbury.wa.gov.au or phone 9792 7234 should you wish to attend.

Bunbury Racecourses Visioning Workshop Presentation

Bunbury Racecourses Precinct - Possibilities for the Precinct