Bunbury Alcohol Accord

The City of Bunbury plays a major role in facilitating the Bunbury Alcohol Accord which is a co-operative arrangement between licensees, Police, City of Bunbury, Department of Health and key local businesses with the aim of developing safe and well managed environments in and around licensed premises in Bunbury.

The Accord is part of an overall strategy that seeks to:

  • achieve a standard of practice that assists in fostering a responsible drinking culture;
  • ensure safety in the local community; and
  • promote effective communication and problem solving between licensees and key stakeholders.

The Bunbury Accord encourages the adoption of a range of positive and effective community based strategies aimed at reducing crime, violence and anti-social behaviour stemming from the excessive consumption of alcohol.

The Accord meets on a monthly basis and provides networking meetings at least twice a year. To view or download Alcohol Accord documents please click below:

For further information contact the Community Safety Officer on (08) 9792 7215.