Access and Inclusion

The City recognises that the more diverse and inclusive the community, the richer it will become and that most members of the community will face access and inclusion challenges at some time in their lives. To ensure that all City of Bunbury residents can participate in and contribute to the community, the City of Bunbury Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2017 has been developed to help us achieve this.

Access and inclusion may present challenges for: ccess and inclusion may present challenges for:
  • people with physical, sensory, psychiatric and intellectual disabilities

  • people from diverse cultural backgrounds 

  • people of all ages, including infants and the elderly

  • residents and visitors.


In early 2014 the Committee held a workshop to devise ways to engender a more inclusive and accepting community beyond simply improving physical access.

It was clear to the committee that this project must reach beyond local government responsibilities.

Out of this came an aspiration for our city to become the Most Accessible Regional City in Australia and so MARCIA was born. 

Click here to learn more about MARCIA.

Tender Agents and Contractors

If you are an agent or contractor please click here to access the DAIP reporting template which forms part of the tender process.

Drug Aware Happy Bunbury Film Project

To celebrate International Day of People with Disability 2014 the City of Bunbury presents the Drug Aware Happy Bunbury Film. 13 participants of different abilities and backgrounds worked as a team over a month to design and film Bunbury’s first Happy video, set to the Pharrell Williams song of the same name.​ Click here for more information.

ACROD parking in Bunbury

The City has developed a map depicting ACROD parking bays throughout the CBD. It can be viewed electronically here​ and is also available in hard-copy at the Visitor Centre on Carmody Place (the other side of the CBD bus station) and Administration Centre at 4 Stephen Street.

ACROD permit holders do not need to obtain a ticket when parking anywhere in the City of Bunbury and parking fees do not apply, as long as the ACROD permit is clearly displayed. Additionally, except for time specified ACROD bays, the permit holder can park in a parking bay, on-street or in a car park for twice as long as the time permitted on the parking sign. If however a time limit is shown on a parking sign in an ACROD bay, this is the applicable time limit for this bay.

To request a copy of the ACROD map to be sent out to you, please call 9792 7075 or email​

Accessible Bunbury Busine​ss

It is clear that worldwide there is a lack of clarity surrounding the disability sector.

The definition of disability is not clear, stereotypes abound and statistics are not widely promoted, all of which give rise to a lack of understanding and ultimately the exclusion of people with disabilities.

Through its Accessible Bunbury: Business initiative, the City of Bunbury wishes to aid local business owners in clarifying what disability means and what disability access involves, so that stereotypes and exclusion can be overcome.

Think disability access doesn’t matter to you? Over 13,000 people in Greater Bunbury have disability; 50% of which participate in the workforce; and 59% of which require assistance from a family member, carer or friend, who would all prefer to shop in an accessible Bunbuy business.

Give back to your community whilst widening your target audience and increasing your market opportunities. Help us to build a city where the whole community can access and benefit from the products and services provided by all businesses in Bunbury.

Get in touch with the Community Development Team for a visit or download the Accessible Bunbury Business brochure and flash cards​ to test your knowledge.

Art in the City

Art Partners, in collaboration with the City of Bunbury, displays a range of solo exhibitions called Art in the City in the lobby of the City of Bunbury Administration Building.

The exhibitions feature work by “protégés” who are involved in the Art Partners mentorship program. The program matches people with a disability (protégés) with mentors and together they attend mainstream art classes and activities in Bunbury.

Not only are the exhibitions an ideal opportunity for the artists to exhibit their work in a central location, they are a great way for members of the public to acquaint themselves with the work of the individual artists in the program.

Art Partners was launched in 2011 as a six-month pilot project and has been going strong ever since. It has been extremely successful in providing exhibition opportunities in high profile locations, including the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries (BRAG) and the YMCA HQ Gallery in Leederville. Works by protégés have also been included in group exhibitions at BRAG, the Stirling Street Arts Centre, Capel Flair 2012 and the Collingwood Gallery in Melbourne.

For more information on Art Partners, please contact Program Officer, Wanda Ariano on 0429 918 711 or email: ​

Community Access Committee

For a truly inclusive and accessible community, all levels of government, community members and non-government agencies need to be involved in the process. The City of Bunbury Community Access Committee plays a key role in the development, monitoring and review of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. The Committee is comprised of people with disability as well as people working in the disability services industry. They meet on the first Friday of every second month to discuss access issues within the City. Similar to other Council committees, membership of the Community Access Committee is for a two year term.

Click here to learn more about Council Committee and to download the handbook.

You're Welcome Website

This website has access details of more than 3,000 business and community facilities all over Western Australia. It includes information about accommodation, hotels, parking, toilets, change rooms, beaches, tourist attractions, food and dining, health, parks and playgrounds, cinemas, theatres, libraries, shops, tourist attractions and sport and recreation facilities. City staff regularly update Bunbury businesses and community facilities on this website to provide you with the most up to date information.

Access the You’re Welcome Website here.​​​​​​​​​