A to Z of parking

To ensure the availability of short and long term parking and to assist in improving the movement of vehicles through the Central Business District, the Council for the City of Bunbury adopted a comprehensive ‘Central Business District Parking Strategy’.

The objective of this Strategy is to ensure the continued provision of car parking that will support growth of Central Business District's activities without a detrimental affect to the City's environment, traffic and pedestrian flows.

​Abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys: Abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys in the community are a major problem and are considered litter and visually unattractive. An abandoned vehicle is served with an impoundment notice and if the owner does not retrieve the vehicle within 24 hours, the vehicle is removed and impounded.

Owners of shopping trolleys are notified and if trolleys are not claimed within three hours, they are impounded. The owner of any vehicle or shopping trolley, that has been impounded, is liable for all associated costs incurred by Council as well as any fines for offences contravening Local Laws for parking and/or littering. Woolworths Trolley Tracker hotline - 1800 641 497; Coles - 1800 Trolley (1800 876 553)

ACROD Parking: Dedicated ACROD bays have been set aside in most car parks for people with mobility disabilities. Only vehicles clearly displaying a valid ACROD permit can park in an ACROD bay. Should the permit holder park elsewhere they can park in a bay for twice the time permitted on the parking sign, and they are not required to purchase a parking ticket when parking on the street or in a car park. For more information about the National Disability Services ACROD Parking Scheme click here.

All Day Car Parks: All Day carparks are located around the city and are intended to provide parking for the employees of businesses and shops within the city centre.

All Day carparks that are unmetered and free are Jetty Road Carpark, Holman Street Carpark, Symmons Street Carpark, Cobblestone Street Carpark, Parkfield Street Carpark, Zoe Street Carpark and Stuart Street Carpark.

All Day carparks requiring a fee are Blair Street Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre Carparks (North and South), Blair Street Foreshore Carpark, Ommaney Street Carpark, Wellington Street Carpark (Upper, Middle and Lower sections), Wittenoom Street (South) Carpark and Wittenoom Street (North) Carpark.

Payment at these carparks can be made by entering your license plate at parking meters, which accept debit and credit card, or through the City of Bunbury “Wayfinding App” mobile system (see Wayfinding App below for more information).

Clearways: Clearway restrictions apply to some streets in Bunbury that experience heavy traffic in peak periods. Clearways are located on major entrance and exits from the CBD and designed to improve peak period traffic flows. Clearway times are between 8am to 9am and 4.45pm to 5.15pm Monday to Friday. Vehicles parked or stopped for any reason in these zones during these times may incur an infringement.

Driveways: Care needs to be taken when parking in driveways and on vehicle crossovers. A vehicle is not to obstruct a footpath, cycleway or pedestrian access along a verge. Penalties also apply to vehicles parked in a way that causes obstruction to a private driveway.

Footpaths: Vehicles are not to park or stop on footpaths, cycle ways and dual use paths. Footpaths are available for pedestrians and push bikes as well as people with prams and people in wheelchairs. Parking vehicles on any part of these could result in a penalty. 


Golden Ticket Parking: For residents of Bunbury over the age of 65 there is a concessional parking permit available for use in the CBD.  For more information please refer to the attached brochure here

Line marking: In some instances road marking may be used to complement or as an alternative to permissive parking signs. When road marking is present, motorists must comply with the line marking as if it were parking signs. Motorists who disregard road markings may be issued with an infringement. Some of the road marking used include: 

  • a single yellow line, which means no stopping or to outline a loading zone or taxi rank etc 

  • an ACROD symbol, which identifies parking for people with a disability; 

  • and words such as NO PARKING, NO STOPPING or KEEP CLEAR.

Loading Zones: Loading zones are located throughout the city and are reserved for commercial vehicles such as courier vans and trucks. These zones are identified by a continuous yellow line around the zone and restrictive parking signs. The zones have a 20 minute time limit and can only be used by commercial vehicles or vehicles displaying a valid Loading Zone permit while loading or unloading goods.

Motorcycle parking Parking bays for motorcycles are found at various locations throughout the CBD. These bays are not time restricted and are identified by road marking with the words ‘motorcycles only’ or 'MC' and permissive parking signs. It is an offence for any other type of vehicle to park in a motorcycle parking bay. If however a motorcyclist elects to park in a car parking bay, the time restriction of that bay applies and likewise if the bay is within a paid carpark zone, a payment must be made on the parking meter or Wayfinding App by entering your license plate. 

No parking: In areas identified with ‘no parking’, a vehicle can only stop long enough for passengers or goods to be off loaded. When in a ‘no parking’ area the driver must remain in the vehicle at all times. 

No stopping: Areas identified as ‘no stopping’ means you cannot stop, park or pull over temporarily for loading or unloading passengers or goods even if you remain in the vehicle with the engine running. The only exemptions are where you are complying with another regulation such as waiting at traffic lights or avoiding an accident.

Off-road vehicles: The use of off road vehicles is not permitted in the City of Bunbury unless on private property with the property owner’s consent. All off road vehicles must be registered under the Control of Vehicles (Off Road Areas) Act 1978 or under the Road Traffic Act, unless used exclusively on private land. Persons committing offences under the Act are likely to receive on the spot fines and/or have the vehicle impounded. Within the City, there are no areas set aside for access by licensed 4WD vehicles.

On-street parking: Free parking applies for all streets in the city centre of Bunbury however time restrictions do apply. These time restrictions are identified by the parking signs on poles in each locality. When motorists park on-street within the city centre, they will park over an in-ground sensor which then recognises that a vehicle is parked there. No ticket is required. Time restrictions vary between streets and range from two hours, three hours, or four hours.

Parking against the flow of traffic: All vehicles stopped and parked on a road must face in the same direction as the flow of traffic on that side of the road. Stopping or parking a vehicle against the flow of traffic creates an immediate hazard for other road users and may incur an infringement.

Parking around schools: We need to protect children and provide the safest environment possible particularly when they are travelling to and from school. At these times there is a big increase in traffic around these areas. Children are crossing roads, riding bicycles, running and playing. All motorists should be particularly attentive while driving through school zones and observe parking restrictions that apply. Parking restrictions around schools are for the smooth flow of traffic and for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Parking restrictions are enforced to ensure a safe environment around these areas.

Parking meters: The City of Bunbury has 8 Parking Meters installed in the central car parks for those who want to park a little longer than the free time allowed and are happy to pay for the privilege. No ticket is necessary though, just simply input your vehicle registration into the meter, pay by card or the “City of Bunbury Wayfinding App” if required, and walk away.

Parking Permits:  For parking application and information forms visit the Permits and Licencessection of the website.

Parking within bays: Parking bays are marked on the road in most streets and car parks. Where these bays are marked, it is important to make sure your vehicle is parked completely within the marked bay. If your vehicle interferes with other bays either in front, behind or beside your vehicle, you may be issued with an infringement. If you are towing a trailer or caravan it is important to take up the minimum number of parking bays required to park the vehicle.

Private car parks: Many businesses in the city centre have private car parking for customers and staff. These car parks are identified by signs and include any restrictions that may apply. At the request of the owners of these car parks, Council Rangers may enter these car parks and issue infringement notices. Click here for the private car park policy

Reserving parking bays:  On-street and car park parking bays may be reserved for a variety of reasons such as to provide access for tradesmen and removalists or special events like weddings. Enquiries relating to hiring parking bays are to be made at our Customer Service Centre, 4 Stephen Street, Bunbury or by telephone (08) 9792 7000.

Sports ovals and recreational facilities: City of Bunbury sports grounds have ample parking however due to the increase of vehicles at some sporting events it can be necessary to implement parking restrictions close to the venue. When attending a sporting or recreational event please check for any restrictive parking signs and ensure you have not obstructed a driveway or footpath prior to leaving the vehicle.

Time restrictions:  Time restrictions apply on most streets within the CBD and also in some car parks and shopping centres. It is an offence to leave your vehicle parked beyond the specified time regardless of whether a ticket has been purchased and is displayed. When the permitted time limit has expired, your vehicle must be removed from the street or car park for at least one hour. Simply moving the vehicle into the next available bay or doing a U-turn and parking on the same section of the street is prohibited. It is an offence to return to the same car parking bay or section of street within an hour after your departure. This is to ensure parking is available for other people coming to the area. 

Verge parking:  Unregistered or immovable vehicles cannot be parked or left on a verge or road.Where restrictions apply to street verge areas, these are identified by restrictive parking signs. Normally, these areas are near schools, at places where parking will cause an obstruction or where a verge has been registered by the adjacent property owner.

Where there are no signs, we ask that you are considerate of the neighbouring landowner who possibly maintains that portion of verge and is concerned about the appearance of the streetscape.

Visitor/Shopper carparks: These centrally located carparks are intended for shoppers and visitors to the CBD. When entering the vehicle’s license plate into a Parking Meter, the first three hours are free in some carparks. For certain carparks, when a tariff is paid, the first three hours free parking is included in the payment.​

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